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Welcome to Weight Loss Program Reviews. This site provides a set of reviews for people looking to explore information about diet, nutrition, fitness and weight reduction plans. We simplify the confusion of endless ads, products and marketing hyperbole by researching and presenting well-organized reflections on a variety of popular programs.

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If you are looking for a clear, easy presentation of options available to the consumer looking for weight loss, diet, fitness and nutrition plans, you are in the right place.

Weight Loss Program Reviews features at-a-glance presentation of key information: summary recommendations; discussions of exactly how the program works, pros and cons, and sketches of who is most ideally suited (or not-suited) for the specific program.

By presenting the same types of information about each program, our approach is designed to allow you to better compare different offerings.

We hope you find information here that assists you in realizing your weight loss, dieting, nutrition or fitness goals. Remember, reviews of these programs are basically reasoned opinions, formulated with the goal of giving you key information from which to draw your own conclusions, in consultation with your health care provider.

Reviews At a Glance

To get you started learning about the most popular and effective weight loss and diet programs on the market, here are excerpts from just a few of our many reviews:

Jenny Craig Diet

The Jenny Craig Diet is a fairly well-balanced and healthy route to weight loss. The meals are convenient, and ample support is offered for those who require more hand-holding. However, the diet can be quite expensive, with much of the cost hidden in incremental food purchases. This leads to a fair amount of customer frustration, our research has shown.
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Oprah's Trainer Bob Greene's Diet

Famous as Oprah's trainer, Bob Greene's Get With the Program recommends getting into a fitness routine before leaping into dieting. The program establishes 5 eating rules to help you eat fewer and burn more calories: curb emotional eating, eat breakfast, establish an eating cut-off time, drink lots of water, and limit alcohol. You'll get enough calories to sustain your intense exercise routine, but cut out the calories otherwise stored as fat.
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Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is one of the longest-running and most well known weight loss programs around. The longevity of Weight Watchers is testimony to it's continual success as a balanced weight loss program. Even a simple search of the Internet will return hundreds of positive testimonies and reviews of the Weight Watchers program. However, this very longevity has made it a bit of a dinosaur in the weight loss field. It's online offerings, for example, are eclipsed by those made available at eDiets.
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Our Top Recommendation

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eDiets - eDiets sees clearly that diet and weight loss programs are highly individual choices. Instead of a one size fits all approach, they provide a wide variety of choices and plans. We've found that customization, convenience and cost are huge factors for many seeking weight loss, and eDiets excels in all three of these areas. Their website contains solid information on food, exercise, and lifestyle change, member chat rooms, online counselors and nutritionists. Their free diet profile is a great way to get started.

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